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  • 01.29.11 - Hurray!.. A final table finish (8th out of 253) in the $8k Guaranteed PLHE tourney.
  • 12.18.10 - A final table finish (6th out of 291) in the $4k Guaranteed PLO8 tourney.
  • 12.11.10 - Out in the 4th hour of MiniFTOPS XVIII, Event #8 (PLO 6 Max)... had a 54% chance after the flop to triple up to a 10k stack... would have given me a solid chance to cash.
  • 08.14.10 - Busted out of the "Iron" freeroll shortly before the money bubble.
  • 07.31.10 - Earned my first "Iron" month... a grind, for sure... logged over 27k hands of PLO in July.
  • 06.12.10 - Took first in the 7-Game MBJ "Tourney of Champions" for 20,000 FTP's on Full Tilt.
  • 05.30.10 - Just short of the money again... this time in the $750k Guaranteed (my first) on Full Tilt... A6 < Q9... had I won that had, I probably would have at least min cashed.
  • 03.14.10 - Outlasted BOYNAMEDSUE in the MBJ tourney. We got it all in on the flop (T56 w/ two diamonds)... he had T7, I had KJ of diamonds.
  • 03.14.10 - Out in the 3rd hour of MiniFTOPS XV, Event #8... AK (clubs) < AK (hearts)... all-in pre-flop... runner runner hearts for the dagger.
  • 03.13.10 - Out in the 2nd hour of MiniFTOPS XV, Event #6... AA98 < KKJ3 (all-in pre-flop).
  • 02.14.10 - Out a shade before the money bubble in FTOPS XV, Event #8.
  • 11.15.09 - Took home the top prize (out of 314) in the "Bad Beat on Cancer" Tourney on Full Tilt Poker.