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    Poker King

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    • Pot Limit Omaha (PLO)
      Texas Hold Em
      Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Card Games (Non-Poker):

    • Hearts
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    • Craps
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  • Sports Teams:

    • San Francisco Giants
      Golden State Warriors
      Cleveland Browns
      Pittsburgh Penguins
      Columbia Lions
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    • Lake Tahoe
      Las Vegas
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    • Rasberry Mojito

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  • Pete, tell us a little about yourself.

    • I grew up in East Brunswick (EB), New Jersey (born in 1966) and have been living in Northern California since 1990.

      I'm a civil engineer by day and enjoy watching sports and playing games in my spare time.
  • EB is in Middlesex County... don't Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey have roots there?

    • Yes, durrrr is from nearby Edison and Ivey worked in New Brunswick early on in his career. I taught those kids everything they know :)
  • What got you started in poker?

    • My family loved to play card games and I learned to play Hearts when I was a teenager.

      My best friend from EB (Pete Pryor) got me playing Hearts on Excite/Pogo in the late 90's and I was quickly hooked.

      I didn't really become intrigued by poker until I saw Robert Varkonyi win the World Series on ESPN in 2002 and of course, Chris Moneymaker in 2003. Around that time, I started playing Texas Hold Em on Pogo for tokens.

      I eventually gave real money a try on Full Tilt in October 2005.
  • How did that go?

    • I got crushed at first. I deposited $100 and lost it all on the cash game tables within 24 hours.

      I deposited another $100 right away, lowered the stakes and have slowly built up the bankroll since... especially thanks to rakeback and IronMan bonuses.
  • What are your future plans?

    • I'd like to play in a WSOP event someday (mission accomplished in June 2010)... eventually, I'd like to play in the Main Event, ideally before I turn 50 in 2016.

      I'd like to get back into playing online again, but I'm not going to do so until it's legalized and regulated by the United States.